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Back Taxes Assistance

Back tax debts can stem from a number of causes, from making errors on your tax return to filing a tax return late due to circumstances beyond your control. Regardless of the reason behind them, back taxes can be extremely difficult to handle on your own. Take charge of your delinquent taxes by seeking professional tax help as soon as possible. In and around Minneapolis, you can count on the pros at Taxation Solutions, Inc. for knowledgeable and effective solutions. We'll give you the tax assistance you need to pay what you owe and look forward to a brighter financial future. Call or e-mail us today to learn more! 

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Back Tax SolutionsUnpaid taxes can result in escalating costs, thanks to steep penalties and interest fees. If left unaddressed, delinquent taxes can even result in legal action by the IRS. If you're tired of living under the shadow of your tax troubles, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is standing by to help you:

  • File late tax returns
  • Select the best tax resolution strategies
  • Gather documents to support your claims
  • Negotiate tax settlements with the IRS
  • Petition to have penalties lifted from your account
  • Figure out how to avoid back tax problems going forward

We're fully licensed and insured for all of the back taxes help we provide. We're also proud to be affiliated with several industry organizations, including the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, the National Association of Enrolled Agents, and the National Association of Tax Professionals. Whatever your tax help needs, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is more than equipped to get you results. 

40 Years Providing Back Taxes Help

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Tax Attorney assisting client with unpaid back taxesTaxation Solutions, Inc. is one of the most experienced tax assistance firms in the region. We have more than four decades of experience helping individuals and business entities resolve back taxes. In that time, we've seen just about every circumstance that leads to unpaid taxes, and we've learned what tactics work best in getting favorable rulings from the tax authorities. We care about customer service and quality workmanship, and we'll always strive to give you help with back taxes that is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you filed a single tax return late or your payments are years overdue, Taxation Solutions, Inc. has what it takes to get your finances back on track. 

We're pleased to offer emergency help with back taxes, if your problems absolutely can't wait. Regardless of the turnaround time, we'll give you effective and efficient service aimed at making you IRS compliant and reducing the hardship you're experiencing. So if you're struggling with IRS back taxes and late tax returns, what are you waiting for? Contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. right away to get a free cost estimate, and to schedule your initial consultation!

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