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If your tax issues have become so serious that you need help from a tax attorney, it's time to contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. We offer our clients a wide selection of tax lawyer services. Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience in the tax industry, we're able to provide knowledgeable and skilled assistance in even the most challenging cases. Whether you're seeking tax lawyers on behalf of your personal financial situation or for your business, we'll take the time to fully understand your tax situation and develop a strategy to represent your best interests. Call now to learn more, and to book your initial consultation! 

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Tax Attorneys meeting with clientsIRS attorneys can offer expertise in the intricacies of the federal tax code and can provide the legal perspective necessary in the most complex cases. Tax lawyers are also authorized to represent you in federal tax courts. When you choose Taxation Solutions, Inc., you can get qualified professional help with: 

  • Back tax issues
  • Tax penalties
  • Tax settlement negotiations
  • IRS audits
  • Business tax problems
  • Tax court proceedings
  • And much more

Not only do we have a reputable tax attorney on staff, Taxation Solutions, Inc. can also connect you with one of our other licensed and insured tax consultants. During your initial consultation, we can assist you in deciding whether a tax lawyer or another specialist, such as an enrolled agent, is right for your needs. If you do require an IRS attorney, we can provide you with invaluable legal support and representation. Call Taxation Solutions, Inc. to connect with an experienced IRS tax attorney today.

Emergency IRS Attorney Services

As a comprehensive tax firm, our objective is to provide you with whatever level of expertise and representation you need to overcome your tax problems. That means being there for you when you need IRS tax attorney services as soon as possible. Whether you're facing property liens, IRS levies, or other government actions, or you've received a tax court summons, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is standing by to give you prompt and effective solutions. We're proud to give our clients strong representation, legal advice, and sound guidance, even in an emergency scenario. 

If you live or own a business in Minneapolis and need an IRS tax lawyer to help you get out of a legal bind, we have the available resources to assist you. We'll provide you with access to a tax debt attorney who fully understands the specific tax challenges you're dealing with and has the knowledge and background to solve your problems. As a firm, we're proud to be affiliated with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, the National Association of Tax Professionals, and the National Association of Enrolled Agents, in addition to being fully licensed and insured. We make quality work and professional customer service our top considerations. Get a free cost estimate for our tax attorney help services by contacting Taxation Solutions, Inc. today! 

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